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FREEBIES / Free Daily Titbits! How To Earn N10,000 Per Day Online
« on: March 28, 2019, 09:25:36 AM »
Let me teach you here for FREE how to make N10,000 per day here on NL and NC (  &  N.a.i.r.a.c.l.a.s.s  Forums by predicting football matches. 

Everything will be done here concurrently on NL & NC. I will be dropping 2+ odds for a month starting from April 1st, If you want to enjoy it continuously for more than a month then register on my forum and I'll be sending it to your email address.

I paid huge dollars for it but I am giving it out totally for free. You will definitely make money with this bcoz I have used the source before and profited from it. Now note this that they lose some times but mostly win.

Now with good money management you will make a killing from it.

Start up: Fund your betting account with times ten of the amount you will like to make per day. E.g if you like to make at least N1000 daily,  fund your account with N10,000, if you want 2k plus fund it with N20,000 etc.

N.B. Do not use mushroom betting site to avoid pathetic story that torches the heart.

Recommended Nigerian betting sites

Nairabet and bet9ja

Recommended Foreign betting sites

Betfair, williamhill etc

The strategy : any day you lose the following day double your stake, you lose again triple your stake then after recovering you continue to stake normal amount.

I will be using 10k per day and I will be quoting minimum  balance here daily.

FREEBIES / How To Card Items From WWE SHOP With Free Credit Card
« on: March 25, 2019, 01:05:46 PM »

You can card some wwe itmes from their online shop in just these easy ways... this post is actually meant for VIP Members but am giving it out for free today.

we have been sharing some WWE accounts here for some time now... most of you might think it just to use it and stream some WWE matches online but there is more to it. Most of those account contains live credit card you can use. although you can actually see the full digit of the card number but you can buy stuff with it. Follow the below steps.

Look for some WWE accounts, We have some posted here so search for it :cool:


make sure you use vpn before opening it...

Now from those WWE accounts logs you have, keep testing for a valid account because not all of them will work. the logs originally works on on but i figure that most of those people will still visit the WWE online shop and purchase somethings and in the process use the same password and email they used in the WWE main website.

if you get any successfull account, go to payment method in the account dashboard and you will see his saved card there.

Now the carding method...

go to their online shop and select any stuff you like...just like normal online shopping. Add to cart>>Checkout.

Use Your Drop details as shipping...when its time for billing you will see an option to use saved card.

Click on Checkout and that's all...cross your finger and wait for your order to be processed.


Making fabulous money most times does not require physical muscle but it entails just having access to information and applying it.

I'm sure you might have heard someone talk about football betting, you might have even seen somebody turned to sudden millionaire. Well, that’s the power of football betting business. If you have ever wondered how to make money by betting in Nigeria or anywhere in the world then be grateful as you have come to the right place at the right time.

We help you earn between N100,000 and N500,000 monthly from football betting right here in Nigeria without you having to sweat.

You see, the reason some people are not making money with sport betting is because of greed, they don't take it as business by wanting to hit it big in one day like using N100 to want to earn N20,000 or N5000 to win N100,000 using big odds.

Our odd varies from 2.00 - 5.00 daily, it is very easy to make money with football betting business you just get the pick, play it, win it and withdraw money.

It's as simple as ABC.


STEP1. Subscribe to our monthly membership. Payment can be made though Direct bank payment, Online transfer, ATM transfer etc.

STEP2. Once your registration has been confirmed, you shall be receiving our daily picks right on your email daily. some hours before the matches. Odd varies from 2.00 - 5.00.

STEP3. We shall give professional advice on how to place your bets so that we shall always return profitable after every match day or day after.

STEP4. You don't need know anything about football. The tips we give to you, play it online or take it to betting shops within your area and place the bet.

STEP 5. See your betting income increases or Go to the Nigerian football betting websites'  betting shop the second day to collect your winnings and use the tips for the day to play again for that day.

STEP6. Keep using our betting tips for your 30days subscription and make up to 500% - 2000% returns on your investment after the 30days. RENEW your subscription and keep on enjoying our tips to make good money from football betting.





(Direct bank payment, Online transfer, ATM transfer etc)

             ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0004130591
             BANK NAME:GTB

Immediately after payment, you are to send the following details to 08066443671

1. Depositor's Name

2. Amount paid

3. Your Email Address (that's where we shall be sending the daily picks)


If the payment is made before 12.00noon, you start getting the pick from that day on, but if you pay by 1pm and above you start getting the pick from the following day.

By the following day, you shall start getting our picks delivered to the EMAIL address you submit to us on or before 11:59am daily. Always check you email INBOX and SPAMBOX (sometimes mails get trapped in the spambox) Do check both daily for our picks.




More offers from

Would you like to create a site like N airland log on to (call 08066443671)


If you like doubt it, it is none of my business, I earn close to a million naira monthly on the internet with the new hot niche called Sport Industry in Nigeria. The amazing part regarding this sport trading of a thing is that I don't know anything pertaining to football, I neither watch it nor discuss it, and I still earn from it.

What I do is just to log on to trade on football without any risk as it is not prediction, you earn money live during the training daily for seven days. You can even make more than what I charge for the training before it ends because I will ensure that 'strategically' and viola you are in a boom. You see, trust nobody that is the saying but you have to trust someone thus says the popular Hip-hop musician.

When it comes to internet business opportunities, I am one of the people you should bank on because I know it inside out because I have been online for some years. That is if you too have been tapping the mouse for a long time you must have come across my name or my website ==> N.A.I.R.A.C.L.A.S.S.COM .

People say you can never beat the bookmakers (nairabet, bet9ja etc), in one sense they are right, in another sense they are absolutely wrong reason being that with right information there is no technology, innovation, invention etc that can never be outsmarted, that is why the aphorism goes if you are not informed you will be deformed.

You see, I have seen people work from home in Nigeria raking in CEO income (six figure income). Stop 'dulling' yourself you will be making money from Sport trading and not sport betting which is very legal and in conformity with all faiths for Pastor or Evangelist, Imam or 'Alfa', Oluwo or 'Abore' (traditional priest) etc if you allow me to teach you online for 7 (seven days) while you will be earning daily for that week.

This is not a joking matter, as I have just moved to my multi-million naira house with the income realised from this sport trading. For those who have been opportune to meet me in those years when I was holding one on one (face to face) training could testify how I was earning money live in the training because I used to show them.

Now another opportunity is here for you to get a business for yourself, which after I train you one on one online for 7 days (you will earn big during the training), you will have the skill to make money for life without paying anyone, even while earning you are not paying any monthly subscription, because everything I will show you is free and sure technique. I have paid hundreds of dollars and euros to fixed matches which happened to result to loss. I have made the discovery that changed the course of my life positively.

Still skeptical? I can give you my username and password to check my sport trading account to see for yourself then after you have checked it then I'll change the password.

This online training cost a million naira, yes, because you can earn billions with it with time because as you get it you have it for life.

Okay, I am giving out a one-week training for N100,000, but if you pay before the end of this month you can pay N50,000. By ending I will increase it to normal price I mean it because I don't even want to divulge the secret to many people owing to the fact that bookmakers will be removing the trading option from their sites once they know our secret.


After payment send 'CEO INCOME',your email address & your name to 08066443671

N.B. Upon making payment then call to inform me of the day you will like to start your training.

You will succeed.

Get more interesting offers log on to

Would you like to create a site like N airland log on to (call 08066443671)


Get ready to say a warm goodbye to smartphones with batteries and cable charger. Well, this sounds funny even to me, but the fact still remains that the era of charging smartphones with charger will soon be scraped out. What and how will we be able to charge our phones?

What and how will we be able to charge our phones?

I believe this is what is going on in your mind right now, and the answer is WIFI. What! How is it possible to charge phone using WiFi? Lols, Do you know that the radio signal transmitted by WiFi and Bluetooth protocols are nothing but electromagnetic waves modulated? am not surprised because everybody don’t know of this. This simply means that WiFi and Bluetooth also carries energy. Backing up this fact, a team of researchers from MIT and the University of Madrid has developed a flexible system that can transform electromagnetic waves into electrical energy. It is a structure that can be integrated into fabrics, covers for objects and so on.

Clearly, the project does not intend to revolutionize the world of energy, since the signals now present in all cities thanks to radio towers, WiFi and Bluetooth allow you to get, on average, about 40 microwatts, but sufficient to make it work microscopic devices or to turn on an LED.

The MIT research team made an antenna using molybdenum sulfide as its main material, an extremely thin semiconductor that can be used to make sheets with just a few atom; the first prototypes made, as was to be expected, are not real champions of efficiency, only 30% of the energy is converted, obtaining low powers but still able to feed small sensors in the purely medical field.

The idea is to develop this antenna to make it able to power devices more expensive in terms of consumption, without having a battery inside them (or have small one), Another possibility would be to spread this very thin sheet on walls and floors, making them able to capture the energy of electromagnetic waves and make it available to power the devices connected to the building.

Seems like we are now in physics class right? Lolz, well this is the future, and technology is advancing on daily basis. All we have to do is to keep calm and wait a little longer. Wireless charger has been launched which allows you to only place your smartphone on top of the charger instead of plugging in the USB port, although it is compatible to few smartphones. What do you think about this new innovation by MIT?


Watching live matches online has been made quite easy since the availability of free stream apps and websites. Only a few people still know that they can actually streaming a full match on Facebook for free.

Facebook as a social media site is now taking over the video niche. You can use Facebook to stream any live match, be it EPL, UCL etc. Unlike other streaming sources, you won’t be afraid of Data zap as it zaps a reasonable amount of data (at most 300MB) for a full match.

Do you know why it’s so? Because the live stream is not in HD. In this post, I will quickly show you how to stream live matches directly on Facebook app.

How To Stream Live Matches On Facebook
It’s very simple, all what you need to do is to search and add “Live” to any ongoing match. And the live videos will come up from the search result. Take for example; Tottenham Arsenal live

This is a good alternative for Mobdro and other live streaming apps as you don’t have to worry about data zap, and in addition, you can stream without buffer if you have a good network connection.

You can also apply this same trick to find and watch full lengthy movies/series too as i normally use it to watch the latest episode of the Walking Dead every Monday.

I hope you found this post useful? don’t forget to share this post

PHONE / MTN Free Browsing Cheat Via Hammer Vpn
« on: March 13, 2019, 11:30:38 AM »

MTN 4G or 3G sim without active data
Default MTN APN settings
Hammer VPN APK – Download here. Don’t update the app.
After installing the Hammer VPN app, open it and set it like this;

> Username: Nairaclass

> Password: leave it as it was

> Server: Choose any free server

> Now add these ports to the two boxes: First box is 8080 and second box is 9201

Then connect

I will unveil and show you a game I play online with a very big company in England and every two (2) minutes, I make $1 and every two (2) hours I make up to $50 daily guaranteed. I will give you all the secrets you need to practically make $1 every two (2) minutes on this particular online game. Now imagine repeating this within two (2) hours and I can guarantee you $50 cash daily Monday through Sunday.

This online game has to do with sport and for sure every two (2) minutes I guarantee you $1. Please the crux of the matter is that there are rules you must follow. With this I am sure you can make as much as $1000 per month. You do not need to know about sport or be a sport fan before you can make money in fact, I am not a sport fanatic - I do not like sport.

This is the top secret on how to make money online that people won't like to share with you. But I count you lucky for willing to know more. You are the one to decide the amount to make per day and your money will be paid to your Bank ATM Card or Visa or Master Card (they pay to all ATM cards with any Bank in Nigeria and you will just go to ATM Point to withdraw your money). There is also payment option of Payza and others.

So how do I now get started?

** You need some useful tips
** No special seminar or training is required
** But the most important of it all is the Manual (this will be your instructor)

I sold this Manual about a couple of month ago for #7500 but I decided to slash it down to #5000

The secret is that you can make the same amount some people will make in one season( 1 year) in just 1 month!

This is what I practically do daily and I don’t stress myself whether government provides job or not.
To get the full report

               ACCOUNT NUMBER:0004130591
               BANK NAME:GTB

Upon making the payment send 'GAME', your depositor`s name and your email address to 08066443671


If you order right away, I mean first 20 people to order, I will send you these Super Exclusive Bonuses valued at over N50,000.

1. The Secret On How To Turn #150 Into 80K In 2 weeks

2. How to send bulk SMS for free daily without spending anything; if you have been paying for bulk sms beforehand, now you do not need to pay any more as you can now send for free.

3. How you can be making five (5) minuites free call every day for life.(This works with all networks   - no activation fee) .

4. Step by step tutorial on how to use your blackberry as a modem and browse FREE and cheap with all networks on your Laptop/Deskstop.

5. How to make N120,000 and more monthly with facebook.

6. The best Way Of Making at least N120,000 monthly through Bulk SMS.

7. How To Protect Your Computer From Virus, Hackers And Malwares even if your System does not have Antivirus.

8. Make $150 Weekly For Just Uploading Files Online.

9. Easy Tweak On How To Make 150k per Month With Football without placing a single bet.

10.Simple step by step on how and where to study abroad and bag Diploma, Degree and PHD.

COMPUTER AND INTERNET / How to get 9GB data for N1000 on Airtel
« on: January 26, 2019, 07:14:26 PM »
Go get a registered Airtel 4G SIM card.
Activate the SIM card by recharging at least

Then, turn on your data connection and you
should see a message from Airtel like this;
Send GET to 141.
Send MIFI to 141.

After that, recharge your Airtel line with
N1000, then subscribe to the N1000 data plan.
Purchasing the plan gives you 5GB + 4GB data given
to you while activating the Airtel 4G Sim = 9GB. You
can’t get the 4GB data bonus on the same phone
twice but you are still open to get the 300% data


1. Shirt Production

There are a lot of tailors in your environs or even in Lagos Island. You can learn the skill to avoid much risks. In Lagos Island, Taiwo Street is where you should visit. The Material are ranging from N700 – N1000 per yard, sew for N1500 / N2000, Now sell it for N5000 to N7000
2. Aba Market

You can schedule a trip to Aba Market, You can get cost of boxers production for low as N300. Now you are to package it in 3s and market these properly and you can still place an advert on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, then sell the 3s pack boxers for low as N1500 – N2500.

3. Bedsheet/Beddings Production

Go to Lagos Island or Oshodi where they sell bulk material, Pickout the best designs and meet those who will sew it for you within same market. You can establish this business with less than N100k and grow your profit gradually.

4. POP Corn

You can start up a POP Corn joint as you know we love to buy this all time. All you need is a branded Nylon, Sugar, Salt, Butter and Bag of Corns.

The beauty is when it properly made with attractive aroma, Manual sealing machine is sold at N7000 to N9000 while the POPcorn Machine on jumia is sold at N65,000. You can see the capital is still less than 100K
5. Fairly Used Clothes

Buy and sell fairly used cloths such as T-shirt, Shoes or even Jeans and Tops. You can buy such in Lagos Badagry or even Cotonou with N100K you can select and mix them as you can’t get a bale. Wash them and package neatly. Now you are good to go.
6. E-Payment and POS Business

You can get a POS and activate online banking, You can handle E-payment for people who are lazy visiting the Bank. Many POS business personels are paid N200 to withdraw just N10,000, You can start up with this.
7. Mobile and Electronic Accessories

Buy and sell Electronic Accessories such as Chargers, USB cable, HMDI cables, earphones and headphones. You can source from Alibaba, AliExpress, Deal Extreme and Many more. The more accessories you buy from this source the lower the price. The shipping of such will be lite. Now You can sell it on Jumia or Instagram etc.
8. Snail Farming

In Nigeria, snail farming is more popular due to its relatively cheap cost of startup and if you market your products well, your business will thrive. This is a business you can start from your backyard, they millions of eggs but patience is required as it can take almost a year to mature. You can see Guideline if you are interested in this.
9. Home Cooking and Delivery

This another opportunities for our ladies and house wives, a guy who love to cook can also venture in this as well. You can cook a variety of meals well, and apply customer services. People will pay good money for your services. You don’t even need a store to start. You can run it from your home.

Make sure your dish is well prepared because first impression counts. Marketing your services on twitter, Facebook and Instagram will get you a lot of clients who will patronize you.
10. Cleaning Services

You can engage in cleaning services, As Many busy workers finds it difficult in cleaning their Apartment. The more apartments you clean during the weekend, the more money you make.
11. Digital Marketing

The ability to reach out more customers is a success of a business, You can also venture in other digital online marketing. All you need is just to Get used Laptops and smartphones; Temporary use your phone as a Hostpot.
12. Internet Services

You can start rendering internet services in other to earn yourself an income. For example, You can start up Jamb applications and registration Online. You need to buy a Laptop, Printer and a good ISP. Many pay as much as N1000 per application
13. Bead Making

This are mostly for ladies but Guys can as well make beads and sell. All you need is training, passion, creativity, unique designs and styles, then adequate marketing. You absolutely don’t need 100k to start this.
14. Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning

This another business you can start up with 100k. You have to learn how to bead and then unlock your creativity minds as well.
15. Graphics Designing

You can get a good laptop and learn about graphic designing. Then you can start creating Artworks, Logos, Cartoons and Many more. All you need is to be creative and Advertise your work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are good to go.
16. Cakes and Confectionery

This is one of the business that comes in play whenever there is celebration like Wedding, Birthday and Parties. At this point a baker is always consulted. You can acquire this skill and occupy this area.
17. Zobo, Smoothies, cocktail, small chops, cupcakes and chinchin Production

You can render these services with 100k startup capital + proper marketing, branding and packaging. Before you know it. You start making your profits. But patient and consistency is the key.
18. Tutorial Classes

This is another part-time or full time paying job and your age does not matter as well before you venture into this business.

You can start up a Private Lesson classess as Many families are willing to spend what it takes for their children’s success and there’s one subject you’re well versed at
19. Home Service Barber

This is another profitable small scale business. The beautiful thing about this is you bring your services to your clients for an extra token above regular. The starting capital to get the equipment and I’m sure you know we have rechargeable clippers.
20. Adire

This is most common in Abeokuta Nigeria where you can get one adire for N2000 and sell for N5000. What a lucrative business. This Adire is used for sowing and beffiting dresses, stylish dresses and etc. You can even act as a mini supplier to tailors and other people who wish to resell them.


There’s little doubt that YouTube is one of the best video sites in the world. And the most popular YouTube videos have racked up billions of views.

But what if YouTube happens to be inaccessible? Or you simply want more options for viewing videos online? What alternative video sites are there? These days, video is such a huge part of the online experience that there are many options available. Here are some great alternatives to YouTube, although the “better than” is obviously open to debate.

1 Metacafe

Metacafe is a video site that specializes in short-form video content. This includes everything from highlights of the world’s best surfers, quick and to-the-point product reviews, and tips on how to complete a difficult level on your favorite video game. One of Metacafe’s strengths is its simplicity. Its browsing interface is fairly straightforward, with a menu bar that links to “latest,” “popular,” and “trending” videos. Those who want to take a deeper dive can click the drop-down menu on the left, which features a more extensive list of 16 video categories.

2 Veoh

Originating from Israeli startup Qlipso, Veoh describes itself as an internet TV company..The site boasts millions of videos, most of them professionally produced. Veoh features a wide range of TV content, including full episodes and clips from shows including NCIS, Two and a Half Men, The Price Is Right, and The Young and the Restless. It also has videos from classic series, such as Family Ties, Melrose Place, and the original Beverly Hills 90210. In addition to TV clips, Veoh has lots of music content across a wide range of genres. It also has a movie section that includes some full-length features, as well as memorable clips from a large number of films.

3. The Internet Archive

As its name suggests, The Internet Archive is a web-based library of all sorts of free content, including books, music, software, and, of course, movies. Just as you might associate a physical library with doing research, one of the strengths of The Internet Archive’s video content is its vast collection of historical content. While it does also have some newer content, some of its best videos are older and obscure news reports, TV series, and movies that are typically harder to find on other sites. Like many other sites, users can also upload videos to The Internet Archive. When uploading videos, H.264 is the common video coding format used.

4 Crackle

Owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, think of Crackle as a sort of online TV channel that features both original shows for the web, as well as Hollywood movies and TV shows from various networks. Some of Crackle’s original content has earned critical acclaim, including the web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee starring Jerry Seinfeld. It also has a good selection of TV shows from the past, such as All in the Family, 227, Firefly, Mad About You, and News Radio. In addition, the site is good for checking out older movies you may have missed, such as Night of the Living Dead, Animal House, Paranormal Activity, and Rudy.

5 Vimeo

Even if you visit YouTube on a regular basis, it’s worth adding Vimeo to your regular rotation of video sites. The site was the first on the web to support high-definition videos, and while it does include a selection of user-generated fare, its emphasis is more on high-quality content. Among other things, Vimeo features a number of well-known movies and TV series, such as E!’s The Royals, Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State, and Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black. The site also has an easy-to-browse search feature that organizes videos by category and channel. Not sure what to watch? A regularly updated selection of Vimeo staff picks can help point you in the right direction.

6 Screen Junkies

While many selections on this list feature a variety of TV series or movies, Screen Junkies specializes in original content that covers TV series and movies. Most of the site’s shows are comedic in nature. For example, in Honest Trailers, comedians voice their own versions of previews for various TV shows and movies. Another good show available on Screen Junkies is TV Fights, in which self-proclaimed “TV nerds” argue about various topics, such as “What was the worst sitcom of the ’90s?” Visitors can watch a handful of videos on Screen Junkies for free, but a full premium subscription costs $4.99/month , or 15 months for the upfront price of 12 ($59).

7 Myspace

Many of you may only know of MySpace as the mid-2000s social networking site that turned out to be a precursor to Facebook. The site is still around, and these days it’s putting a stronger emphasis on video. Many of the videos on MySpace are interview-based and feature celebrities in situations you might not always see them in. For example, in the series Getting Nailed, various celebrities are interviewed while getting their nails done at a salon. There are many other similarly themed interview videos on the site, many of which feature musical acts or action sports stars. For example, there’s The Pedicab Interviews: Dillon Francis, The Chairlift Interviews: Shaun Francis, and OK Go: The Ferris Wheel Interviews.

8 The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project has been developed at the Interaction Design Laboratory at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science. The site is targeted toward the research community, including those who work with multimedia retrieval and digital libraries. With that in mind, most of the videos found on The Open Video Project are educational in nature. There are many videos from the archives of NASA, as well as a collection of classic TV commercials and educational films dating back to the 1950s. If you’re looking to research historical video content, give The Open Video Project a shot.

9 9gag

Think of 9GAG as a collection of all things fun and goofy: funny photos, GIFs, gaming videos, memes, anime, and the like. In fact, the site’s tagline is, “Go fun yourself”. Most of the content is fun and frivolous. Video titles include things such as “A Compilation of the best Commercials Starred by the Star Wars Crew,” or “This High School Love Story Will Warm Your Heart and Then Break It Before You Know What Happened.” It’s the type of stuff that’s hard not to click on and then spend hours browsing. Before visiting, be warned: the site contains a number of videos that are somewhat risqué and may not be safe for work.

10 TED

If you’re not yet familiar with TED, now is the time to get acquainted. The TED website features more than 2,300 talks covering a vast swathe of topics, such as technology, business, design, science, and global issues. Some of the talks are funny, and some are emotional. Some talks are meant to explain how your brain works , while others are there mainly for entertainment. The one constant with all the TED videos, however, is that you’re likely to take something memorable out of each one.

FREEBIES / How to watch DStv without a decoder
« on: January 26, 2019, 03:36:03 PM »

Did you know you can watch DStv without a decoder?

You don’t need to take anything on holiday with you except your smartphone, tablet or laptop and have the DStv Now app installed.

Watch all your usual DStv channels from literally anywhere, and never miss an episode or live sports – all you need is an internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data).

Go dishless with the DStv Now app

DStv Now is a free app for all DStv subscribers. Using the app, keep watching M-Net, Mzansi Magic and SuperSport live, just like you do at home.

DStv Now is available for phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, gaming consoles and smart TVs. To use the app, go online and register for DStv Now

Get the DStv Now app for smartphones and tablets
1. Download the DStv Now app from Google Play.

2. Launch the app, log in and start watching.

Get the DStv Now app for smart TVs and media players
1. Connect your TV to the internet using an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

2. Visit the App Store on your smart TV or media player and search for “DStv Now”. If your smart TV is supported, you’ll see the app.

3. Click install.

4. Once installed, the app will display a code on your TV screen.

5. On a laptop or desktop, go to You will be prompted to sign in before being able to link the smart TV.

6. Enter the code, sign in and start watching.

How to watch DStv without an internet connection

Not everyone has Wi-Fi access at home or while on holiday. Find a Wi-Fi hotspot and open the DStv Now app on a smartphone or tablet.

Go to the Catch Up section of the app and find your favourite series, sports highlights or a movie you’d like to watch. Download* up to 25 movies or series episodes; they’ll stay on your device for 30 days (but once playback has started, they’ll need to be watched within 48 hours before they expire). Get discounted video data bundles for DStv Now Vodacom has a good deal on at the moment.

Get 1GB of DStv Now data for R50. That’s up to 4 hours of binge-watching on the lowest-quality setting. Dial *135# on a Vodacom phone and select ‘DStv Now’ from video bundles.

Tip: select ‘Low’ under Video Quality settings to use less data and watch more episodes.


 What is expired domain parking system? This involves buying or registering of EXPIRED domains and monetising it

to start bringing you income.  It is just as simple as it sound. There are over 2 million domains expiring every

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engineer or whatsoever to do this, provided you are able to read, write and check your emails.

Get the guide @

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so you have to work hard for any genuine money making business, except you want to be deceived.
What is required of you to do here is to buy an Expired domain Name and after that you park it,  connect ads to

that domain after that you start earning income that would be generated from the traffics that the domain has



You can also make up to N500,000 by selling just a domain name that is bought or registered for $10. Whichever

way you want it whether selling of domain that you register in 24hrs, 3 days or a week or more and selling it for

huge amount. I have packaged everything even with huge bonus that is more than the cost of the guide.

Visit to gain access.

 Every expired domain has already existing traffic as traffic is the most basic thing about domain business,

being that any domain without traffic is useless.  It is those traffic that the expired domain have that would be

giving you your income.  This is real my friend.  Let me not tell you lie, you have to work for about 3-5 days

after that you start earning income.  You know one amazing thing about this business is that you only work for 3

-5 days and rest days of your life you continue earning consistent income of average N5,000 - N25,000 per day

from 1 domain.  You might decide to even have time for other businesses and you would still be earning a constant


Go to for full information on how to get the guide.

Segun Adebayo



For free all-encompassing e-book on how to make $30 daily, watch DSTV free, browse free etc send your phone no &

email to or log on to

Would you like to create a site like N airland log on to call 08066443671

LATEST IN THE WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY / 9mobile 1GB With N200 For all users
« on: January 12, 2019, 05:04:07 PM »

Kindly insert your 9mobile sim to your phone and dial *929*10#

Please no specific plan is needed in other to get this special 9mobile data plan offer and also mind you that this isn’t a cheat nor trick but rather an offer from 9mobile.

Enjoy Your day.

PHONE / How to create WhatsApp with USA number in Nigeria
« on: January 12, 2019, 04:37:42 PM »

There are several ways to reach this goal. We will provide all of them and it’s up to you to choose which you like best of all or which of them is the most effective for you. Check out all of them and then make your final choice.

1. Primo App

• Download the Primo App to your computer, open it and install. The application will lead you through the registration process and everything you will need to do is provide the real phone number that you currently have and submit the registration

• Verify the number in the application. When the process will be complete, you will see the US phone number provided in the bottom part of the panel. Copy this number and save somewhere

• This done, run WhatsApp and set the country code as +1. Then, enter the copied number and click Continue

• You will need to wait for a little while and then there will appear a Call Me option provided by WhatsApp. When you see it, click on it. Now, you will receive a call from WhatsApp that will come through the Primo application

• This is required for further verification, so you will need to enter the verification code you receive from them

• After you enter the verification code, you will only need to enter your name and DP

2. TextPlus

• Download the TextPlus application on your computer and install it

• Create a new signup account by providing the program with all the necessary data like your name, birthday, email and password

• When signed in to your newly-created account, you will see a button that advises to tap it in order to get the TextPlus number

• The program will ask you to select a city and code for your new number. Choose whatever you like

• After all these procedures, you will see the WhatsApp number on the screen

• Copy this number carefully and create a new WhatsApp account using this number. The application will send you a confirmation message, which you will receive through TextPlus

These are not all the available ways to receive a working WhatsApp with a USA number. However, these two methods are 100% functional and simple enough to perform without any special tools. So, enjoy your new WhatsApp with a true USA number right from Nigeria.

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