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Author Topic: Make $118,000 this year,pls dont miss out friend!  (Read 326 times)

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Make $118,000 this year,pls dont miss out friend!
« on: April 20, 2017, 07:21:29 PM »

If you are among my fans here and still earning that peanut salaries you better wake

Today 20/04/17 1btc=$1,250+ ,so i advice you not to use your money in getting bitcoin but instead accumulate it.Im here to show you one of the way we are getting free bitcoin using just $0.65

Welcome to one of the greatest member 2 member donation platform in
the world!!

All my students are going crazy and blazing with this biz.

Turn your 0.0005BTC($0.62) into 115 BTC
Join our fastest growing team and profit from our spillovers
How we are making 0.06btc in jst 3days
Check our screenshot below after jst 3days - 8days of joining btcamp

All what u need is jst 0.0005 BTC($0.62),its not even upto $1.
and you receive total 115BTC($118,000) to your acct.

How my students are making 0.23 BTC in just 5 Ė 7 Days with just $0.62
Join to my mega fast growing TEAM and profit from spilover !
Donít miss out!!
All my students are profiting from our spillovers ...

All what you need to do is to login everytime to see whether you
have receive enough fund to upgrade to the next level till 64people
donate 1.8BTC each to your bitcoin wallet(64people x 1.8BTC = 115.2BTC for free)

Note that the system operates automatic confirmations by the bitcoin network,ie no one needs to confirm any payment received from other members,its confirmed automatically.This helps to filter away fake POP. Also note that no other wallet accepted but only BLOCKCHAIN WALLET.

PLS READ THIS VERY IMPORTANT WARNINGS: You need to check your acct everytime,almost everyday to check whether you've  receive enough BTC for your next upgrade status,otherwise your acct and all your money will be block instantly when the time expires and given to other people.

You need just your $0.62 donations all through.

Most of our students are on level 4,and today the 20th of April we've successfully produce students that has reached level 5 going to the last level which is 6th level of accumulating total 115BTC($118,000).This happened due to our team spillovers,join today and see how fast you will reach level 6(Remember that i joined just 3months ago & i've successfully produce  students in level5)