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Author Topic: See Best Time To Update Your Social Media Pages To Get More Traffic In 2018  (Read 378 times)

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Are you worried that even with your constant social media posts on daily basis, you still donít get the expected result?

Yes, you should be!

One of the major challenges of business owners and digital marketers is to know the best time to update their business social media pages.

Now let me remind you that generating traffic and leads is beyond writing and posting on social media anytime and anyhow you want.

Since social media has proven to be one of the most effective ways to market online, it is rather crucial to know the appropriate time to update your business Social Media Pages with new content(s).

So, the billion dollar question is;

what time and day(s) are most appropriate to update your business social media pages?

The truth is; thereís no perfect answer to this question.

Different enterprises possibly have different time and days that work perfectly for them. So you canít jump into conclusion because it works for you to say thatís the best time.

In fact, your target audience, the social medium, the region and geographical areas would determine how and when to update your social platform pages.

In other words the time that works for ďMr. A might not work for Mr. BĒ

Since this is the case, letís define generally the best time to update your business social media pages by analyzing different social platforms one after the other with focus on Blog, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Google+ Post:
Google+ is more like a combination of Pinterest and facebook.

Now people have questioned the effectiveness of google+ as a social platform worth investing in.

The fact remains that people, in fact millions of people, still use it daily.

This is what you are going to do: post different times in the day between 8:30-9.00 a.m Ė The reason being that majority of people are active on google+ around 10.00 a.m to scan through before starting work.

Research also confirms good turnout during lunch hour. So posting between 11:59-12-30 p.m is not bad.


Facebook Post:
Like twitter, millions of people have access to Facebook via mobile devices and desktop computers, both at work and at home.

So its usage depends mainly on the audience.

The best time to make your post should be around 12-3:30 p.m, when you can get enough eyeballs and higher click through rates (CTR).

People are often active by this time so try not to miss it.

However, your next target should 7p.m Ė people are at home by this time, so definitely, they must check their feeds and get the latest gist.

Note: updating around 8a.m and maybe 9p.m on Saturdays and Sunday is not advised, so avoid those time on weekends.


Blog Post:
There is no special time for updating blogs. People need to know the morning gist.

So posting as early as 5a.m. is not a bad idea. This is so that users can wake up to read the morning gist before going to work.


Pinterest Post:
Basically, Pinterest is very good for people like interior deco, fashion designers etc.

Findings recorded that 25-30% of Pinterest subscribers are very much active on daily basis and the eve of Saturdays are believed to be the best time for users between 7:30-10:30p.m.

Then lunch time is also very good especially 12-1p.m. Some have also seen a strong performance on the later side of Friday afternoon, around 3 p.m


Twitter Post:
Twitter post donít really need a special time because people use twitter, every time, both at home and at work.

Twitter users are ever ready as the notifications pops out every time.

Now let me give an idea on what to do Ė Chose hours to update your post and be consistent.

If your updates come every three hours, then be loyal to that time.

Donít post randomly or anyhow. Define your post timing so that your followers will know when they are expecting a new content from you.

However, posting around 1-3p.m and then 7:30 p.m would do a lot better. People often close for work around 4p.m (ideally) so on getting home, they can freshen up and then scan through their feed.

At this time with almost everybody at home, you will definitely get plenty viewers.


Instagram Post:
Youth are just so in love with Instagram especially ladies.

Instagram users are active on daily basis. A review on Instagram reveals that most Instgram users are mostly active during off hours. So 12-2p.m would be nice to update your page.

Then in the evening between the hours of 7-10p.m.


LinkedIn Post:
LinkedIn is basically a professional social platform and it is solely based on professional dealings.

You can get your content posted on LinkedIn between the hours of 6-8a.m.

This time they always go through their linkedIn feed to get the morning update. Another ideal time is during lunch hours Ė around 12p.m. Finally 7-30p.m.

And again weekends are just awesome.


Conclusively, no business owner should undermine time management especially when it comes to updating their social media pages.

It is very important to be consistent in your update in order to know the best time to update your business social media pages.

If your social media updates come at 3 hours interval, just be consistent.

Try not to disappoint your viewers.

You can share your ideas on the times and days that have effectively worked for your business on the comment box.



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