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Author Topic: How to earn between #100000 to #1000000 from home  (Read 78 times)

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How to earn between #100000 to #1000000 from home
« on: July 19, 2018, 09:28:13 PM »

Miropass A-mart is a well defined omnichannel Business-to-Customer (B2C) E-commerce. It is an E-commerce established to integrate the trading and electronic advantage of buying and selling goods and services with the motivational power of reward concept to enhance patronage.

Miropass has successful integrated a broad based business concept with a deep rooted human relationship and designed a special way to say thank you for patronage in terms of rewards and incentives.

We operate both online and offline shopping mall, where people can buy any items for their daily and household needs

Yes....the industry of the company which is Retail Ecommerce is a growing one that worth $13billion this year in Nigeria.
Ecommerce in Nigeria records over $1.3bn per month.
NBS predicted that the Ecommerce sector is expected to contribute about 10% of a projected 10Trillion Naira to the Nation GDP by 2018.

Miropass Mission:
We strive to improve the overall image of e-commerce and therefore stimulate growth of online and offline shopping. We put our efforts to increase customer satisfaction and boost their retention and increase sales with the aim of empowering our customers financially.

This business is guaranteed

Am sure you have been patronizing many stores how much have you make from such company?
Obviously the answer is NOTHING.

In Miropass A-mart, you Shop. Earn. Live better

We have designed a very user friendly ways to make fortune as a Miropass Affiliate Marketer.

No little effort made to patronize and advertise Miropass to your friends and associates goes unrewarded.

Our affiliate program is ratio 2:1 binary system that encourages Team work and Team Spirit. The program is for anyone who want to be financially empowered.

 To enjoy this program such as individual will sign up for any of the affiliate packages. After which you access our portal to shop for any item of your choice according to your package.

 *Affiliate Packages*

*Customer Package 1 (CP1): N10,000*
5% Daily Team Bonus
Daily Max team Bonus:  N5000

*Customer Packages (CP2): N20,000*
10% Daily Team Bonus
Daily Max Team Bonus: N20,000

*Customer Package (CP3): N50,000*
15% Daily Team Bonus
Daily Max Team Bonus: N40,000

*Customer Package (CP4): N100,000*
25% Daily Team Bonus
Daily Max Team Bonus: N150,000

*Customer Package (CP5): N200,000*
30% Daily Team Bonus
Daily Max Team Bonus: N300,000

*Ways to Earn*
3% weekly bonus

5-30% Daily Team Bonus

1-10% Shopping rebate

VTU Services

 *Miropass Incentives*
The incentives are based on members accumulated point values per package
CP1: 10pv
CP2: 25pv
CP3: 70pv
CP4: 120pv
CP5: 250pv

From your commission, you can recharge your phone, bill your bills Gotv, DSTV etc because in the back office there is VTU services

You can also shopping online or in their physical mall with your commission

 *Ways to Withdraw*
Direct to your local bank
Direct to Bitcoin wallet
Mirocode: Using your commission to register new user

Registration is done via cash transfer or bitcoin

 *Using daily limit of N300,000*
When you have build your team, in a week,
300,000x7= N2,100,000

In a month
N2,100,000x4= N8,400,000

In a year
N8,400,000x12= N100,800,000
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