Sure Way To Make Money Online In Nigeria.


Adebayo Olusegun is an Internet Marketer, Consultant, Internet Business Trainer, Researcher, sought-after Seminar Speaker. he specializes in internet business start-up and development, entrepreneurship, and personal development issues.

Segun (as he is fondly called) is a consummate speaker and teacher. he strongly believes the Internet has a huge role to play in the future of business anywhere and he drums this loud and clear whenever he has the opportunity to speak. His Seminars and trainings are a delight as he consistently shows listeners as well as participants at his various seminars and trainings how the Internet can make their financial dreams come true.

With close to 5 years hands-on experience in internet business start-up and management, Segun has, over the last 4 years, worked with hundreds of Internet Business entrepreneurs, assisting them to grow their business to profitability without compromising on their health and well-being.

Author of the best selling e-book, “How to Make big cash online and bid farewell to job hunting”, Segun has built a strong reputation as one of Nigeria’s foremost and energetic speakers on internet business start-up and growth. he has trained thousands of aspiring internet entrepreneurs through his consultancy services, seminars,trainings, e-books etc

It’s interesting to note that Segun left his job to focus fully on Internet Business. Since then, he has no cause to go back to paid employment. he strongly advocates the Internet as a wealth creation tool once people understand the technology.

Adebayo Olusegun is currently accepting invitations to speak at seminars, conferences, bootcamps, church programs etc.

He’s passionate about starting a small business, establishing an internet business, success empowerment for young people and achieving purpose in life. He speaks on these topics and more.

A passionate speaker, Segun will no doubt bring a lot of shine, verve and impact to your next event or training.