Sure Way To Make Money Online In Nigeria.


Who is Adebayo Olusegun? I’m glad you asked. I will provide an answer by saying I am an Internet Pundit, Wealth Creation Teacher, Web developer, Stock Analyst etc

Let me talk about my life as an Internet Pundit. I’m passionate about the Internet and the money making possibilities online. Everyday, I get excited about this. Believe you me, we live in beautiful times. A time when millionaires are young chaps who just stumbled on this technology called ‘the Internet.’ A time when you can do business with anybody around the globe. A time when you can communicate with people who are millions of miles away and get instant feedback. It’s really an amazing time. A time when people can sit in their homes and do mega online businesses. These and many other advantages of this Internet led me into a foray of Internet Business in the year 2010. I started locally in my country, Nigeria.

I started by creating an info-product titled How to browse the internet free of charge! That product sold like crazy! I leveraged on it to launch myself big-time into the Internet Marketing industry. Today, I am a full-fledged Internet Marketer, having resigned from my day job. Yes,you heard me right: I eat, drink and sleep the Internet. Enough of my life as an Internet Marketer.

Finally, I’m a retired-but-not-tired-Street-Captain. I resigned my day job, to face my Internet Business full time. Being a trained Street captain who works on the street to collect daily contribution with doing some menial jobs, I did this for more than five years, but at a point, I just got tired of it and left. But my e-business has no similarities with the menial job as it involves a lot of stress.

Lest I forget,I’m a teacher. My students say I’m a consumate teacher.

What is there to say again? I guess they will unfold as time goes by.