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You get paid to watch video, download file, play game etc and get payment to your Bitcoin, PayPal, Gift Card etc.

Register here ( with your real details, don't use VPN bcoz all countries are accepted. And there are numerous work to do daily.

FeaturePoints review - Try out apps for free and get paid. FeaturePoints is an app I found out about that you can download for either iPhone, Android, or the web that lets you earn rewards for trying out apps. This seems like pretty much a win-win because most of us try out apps occasionally anyway, for no reward. We have a FeaturePoints review for you below to help you decide whether to download it.

Currently FeaturePoints is open worldwide.

What to Redeem For On FeaturePoints

It looks like FeaturePoints has a lot of different rewards to choose from. Currently, they offer Amazon, PayPal, App Store, Xbox, PlayStation, Starbucks, Bitcoin, and many more.

Update FeaturePoints pays as promised. I requested $5 to Paypal and the money went almost instantly into my account.

Minimum Points to Redeem

If you are after a Paypal redemption, it looks like you need 6000 points to get $10.

Note this app will limit how many times you can redeem per day.

Does FeaturePoints Actually Pay?

Yes. You can see my Paypal payment proof below where I requested $5.

Payment proof from Feature Points app.


Referral Program

FeaturePoints has a fairly generous referral program, too. If anyone signs up to use the app under your referral link or by putting in your referral code, you'll get 50 percent of the points they earn on the apps they download.

Note that this does NOT take away from your friend's points they will still get all the allotted points for any apps they download. It's just a bonus FeaturePoints gives to you for referring your friends.

You definitely will want to sign up under someone if you can, not only because it helps them but also because that's the only way you can start off with 50 points.

How to Start With FeaturePoints

Has our FeaturePoints review convinced you to give it a go?

Click Here ( to visit the site and get started with FeaturePoints.