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Title: 100% Free No-loss Trade4Me Service! Make 20% of your Capital Daily
Post by: Olusegun on August 11, 2020, 09:29:29 PM
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Hi Friend!  Let me trade for you absolutely for FREE without charging you any fee,  yes, that

is it, I mean it. With my earlier thread on this forum on 100% no-loss trading which ran for

one week without any single loss. Members and guests of this internet community who followed

the thread could testify that I can do it.

There is no course for fear as to trusting your fund with  me,  in short,  I am not collecting

your money as you will fund your trading account while I will collect your username and

password for trading only, and not that I can withdraw your money because you will only send

your trading log in details and not your withdrawal log in details I hope you understand this.

I will trade on your behalf and make 20% of your capital per day and we shall share the proceed 50/50. For

instance if you fund your account with $100, I will add $20 to the balance and you will

transfer $10 to me, if you fund your account with $200, I will add $40 to the balance and you

will transfer $20 to me etc.

You have no reason to panic because I am doing this in order to help people and more so, help

myself too, by so doing my daily trading income increases and you too will be making money.
I will only need 10 people so that I will not bite more than I can chew. As time goes on I

might increase it to 20 persons therefore, quickly call now and ask if space is still



-- I am not collecting a dime for this service ... It is totally free of charge.

--  You will not give me your withdrawal log in details, I am only collecting your trading log

in details... Meaning only you can withdraw from your account.

-- Minimum amount to put in your account is $100 and maximum is $5000 (call me if more for


-- The daily income will be shared everyday equally (50/50).

- Trading is executed every day at your authorisation i.e you have to inform me to place your

trade today or don't place today.


Transfer $10 if you fund $100, $20 if you fund $200 to my Perfect Money account U4869702 and

send details to me including your PM account number, your MT5 trading log in details.


PAY IN NAIRA $10 FOR N5,000, $20 for N10,000 etc



After that send your payment details to me.

Together we shall succeed

Segun Adebayo

Tel/Whatsapp 08066443671


If you don't want to do the trade4me but you want to learn how I do it (the guide on how to do it and earn by yourself) click