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FREEBIES / How To Watch Live DSTV Soccer Matches For Free On Your Phone
« on: August 18, 2020, 01:47:24 PM »

Most of you also want to watch the live matches on your smartphones, but most apps like DSTV mobile app will also need you to subscribe before you can gain access to any of their channels. This is why most people are looking for hacked DSTV apps, just like the way hacked Netflix App have been made available.
How To Watch Live DSTV Soccer Match For Free On Your Smartphone

The DSTV hacked App is not easy to get and the few that have it are not willing to give it out for free, but sell it. This is why I came up with an alternative app to DSTV mobile that can stream live matches for free.
The name of the app is Mobdro. Mobdro contains almost all the paid channels on DSTV. Channels like Supersports, ESPN, Arena TV, WWE TV, etc.
It streams very fast even in slow network conditions.

Download it HERE

How To Watch Live Matches On Mobdro

Download Mobdro App (use the link above)

Install and launch the app

Use the search bar to search for "Super Sports"

All the super Sports channels will be displayed, as long as you know the exact Super sport channel the match is shown, then just select it.

For example Super sport 3

Once you select the channel, within 3 secs, the live streaming will commence

Watch your football match and enjoy.

See proof here

Hi Friend!  Let me trade for you absolutely for FREE without charging you any fee,  yes, that

is it, I mean it. With my earlier thread on this forum on 100% no-loss trading which ran for

one week without any single loss. Members and guests of this internet community who followed

the thread could testify that I can do it.

There is no course for fear as to trusting your fund with  me,  in short,  I am not collecting

your money as you will fund your trading account while I will collect your username and

password for trading only, and not that I can withdraw your money because you will only send

your trading log in details and not your withdrawal log in details I hope you understand this.

I will trade on your behalf and make 20% of your capital per day and we shall share the proceed 50/50. For

instance if you fund your account with $100, I will add $20 to the balance and you will

transfer $10 to me, if you fund your account with $200, I will add $40 to the balance and you

will transfer $20 to me etc.

You have no reason to panic because I am doing this in order to help people and more so, help

myself too, by so doing my daily trading income increases and you too will be making money.
I will only need 10 people so that I will not bite more than I can chew. As time goes on I

might increase it to 20 persons therefore, quickly call now and ask if space is still



-- I am not collecting a dime for this service ... It is totally free of charge.

--  You will not give me your withdrawal log in details, I am only collecting your trading log

in details... Meaning only you can withdraw from your account.

-- Minimum amount to put in your account is $100 and maximum is $5000 (call me if more for


-- The daily income will be shared everyday equally (50/50).

- Trading is executed every day at your authorisation i.e you have to inform me to place your

trade today or don't place today.


Transfer $10 if you fund $100, $20 if you fund $200 to my Perfect Money account U4869702 and

send details to me including your PM account number, your MT5 trading log in details.


PAY IN NAIRA $10 FOR N5,000, $20 for N10,000 etc



After that send your payment details to me.

Together we shall succeed

Segun Adebayo

Tel/Whatsapp 08066443671


If you don't want to do the trade4me but you want to learn how I do it (the guide on how to do it and earn by yourself) click


- Start by downloading My MTN App from the Google Play store.

- Launch the App and select your country of residence.

- Enter your mobile number without the country code.

- Allow the App to load the homepage properly and find the link for free 500MB.

- Click on the link and you'll receive the data immediately with a notification for the expiration from MTN on your line.

I want to teach anyone who wishes to make money online without any investment how to make money online by typing CAPTCHA (i.e. by typing ABC or XYZ in a space). In fact, if you start today, you will make $7 to $15 before evening. Multiply that by 30. That is $200 to $400 monthly. At today's exchange rate of over N300 to a dollar, you will be making N60,000 to N120,000 per month.

You can even make more than that and up to N250,000 if you improvise - you will get the strategy in my training or material whichever one you choose. This is a very simple way to earn money online as you don't have to sell anything, you are not driving traffic, no referral and it's nothing to do with Google adsense, no website building. All that is required is just for you to type short numbers or letters and you get paid.

Now Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of this online income opportunity

1. How much do I need to start?
Answer: Zero Naira, No money deposit to start.

2. Will I be investing any money in it later?
Answer: No

3. How will I get paid?
Answer: You will get your payment through Perfect Money, Payza, Webmoney, Bitcoin etc

4. What do I need to start then?
Answer: A constant access to internet.

5. What do you stand to gain from teaching us?
Answer: A token because as I make money online, I want to also help you to earn money so that both of us will make more money to augment our income.

6. How much have you made from this?
Answer: I have made more than $2,000.

This is a very simple and direct way to make money online. You spend time completing a simple online task and you make money.

What is Online Captcha Entry?

I am sure you have at least basic knowledge of internet if you are reading this post. And you must have account on sites like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. If you have joined any of the site like above or others on internet then you must have experienced the Captcha. This is a human verification test so that no automated bot or software can join their site.


1. Sites that pay you between $5 and $10 daily to participate in discussion board.

2. Where to send Unlimited Free Bulk SMS for life for a one-time token.

3. How to get information products, software and video that are being sold for $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 etc for free.

4. How to double $10, $20, $50 etc in 24hours, three/four days, a week or in a fortnight.

5. Make N5000 daily with Sport free pick site.

Want to get the guide?


After payment send 'TYPING', your teller number, your email address & your name to 08066443671

FREEBIES / Re: No Loss Daily Trading Strategy! Follow Me Here
« on: August 03, 2020, 03:33:58 PM »
To subscribe to the offer click the two links to see the one you like and

FREEBIES / Re: No Loss Daily Trading Strategy! Follow Me Here
« on: August 01, 2020, 01:08:37 PM »
Today's outcome

FREEBIES / Re: No Loss Daily Trading Strategy! Follow Me Here
« on: July 31, 2020, 03:58:06 PM »
Today's outcome dropped

File too large to upload here see it in the link.

FREEBIES / Re: No Loss Daily Trading Strategy! Follow Me Here
« on: July 30, 2020, 11:52:50 AM »
Today's earnings posted.


This is a business opportunity for you to earn consistent income monthly without lifting a

finger, in fact, you can be sleeping and let your money works for you. Wonderful? Yes, that is

just the truth of the matter. Now you don't have to undergo stress before you earn meaningful


The smart people earn in the smart way, while the hard people work the hard way. We are now in

the digital age, gone are the agrarian, industrial etc ages, people that earn the most money now

are the digital folks. If you check Forbes richest people, they are the

internet/information/computer (digital) people.

If you take these men into consideration, you will discover that they neither work for money nor 

are they subjected to hard labour but they are rather being smart by taking advantage of the

internet and information which is what I bring to you today. 

You can now invest and get 20% of your money as profit per month by investing in what the rich

invest in and they get richer. You can invest and get your principal and profit at the end of 30

days or you can roll over and be getting your 20% returns every 30 days for lifetime or you

terminate the contract at any time, the ball is in your court to decide the plan you want.

I have now made up my mind to launch this offer SPECIFICALLY for my numerous subscribers who

pestered me times without number that they want a program that I can manage that will give them

passive income, that is why I let this out of the bag for them to enjoy it.

The investment is guaranteed that you don't have to be anxious of where we are spending

(investing) the money to actually give us huge returns. Okay, let me tell you where we put the

money that gives us the magnificent returns because I know some people will want to know, all

right! We transact with the money using internet economy, we have foreign expert that gives us

accurate trading tips, all we do is just to plug in the tips and voila! we are in the boom.

You don't need to be doubtful we give you return at the maturation of your investment plan, no

fear of loss, no risk, and you don't even need risk on your part as we bear all the risks if any

at all, yours is to invest and get your profit at the end of 30 days, no story ... GUARANTEED.



Do this and smile to the bank.

Note this is for few numbers of people not for everybody.

Call 08066443671 to board your investment 'vehicle'.

« on: July 29, 2020, 08:45:57 PM »
Hey! This is KSA (King Segun Adebayo), I'm going to tutor you simple way I make $50 daily through digital trading.

We now live in beautiful times - technological age. With internet technology you can connect to people millions of miles away and get instant feedback, through the cyberspace you can now earn easy megabuck - an outrageously bigger amount daily than some people's salary.
Fantastic! isn't it? I will reveal everything you need to know about it. Wondering how hard is the technique? It is as simple as what primary school pupil can do, even an unlettered vulcanizer can do it.

I will teach you and you start making money as I am showing you, no waiting, you will begin to make money as from the time and day I start training you.

How much do think I should charge, I am training you online for just N50,000. For first 20 people after which I will increase it to 100k I mean it.


This is my first time of doing this I have not done it before. I will teach you for FREE yes, free after you earn money that same day you will pay me. Why? Segun? Are you crazy? Don't you know Nigerians will rip you off. I know I just want to help people and I know how to manage them.
This EARN-BEFORE-PAY (EBP) is for first 10 persons after which I will stop.

To enjoy the EBP call 08066443671 to know if it is still available


After payment send 'DIGITAL TRADING',your email address & your name to 08066443671

N.B. Upon making payment then call to inform me of the day you will like to start your training.

You will succeed.



FREEBIES / No Loss Daily Trading Strategy! Follow Me Here
« on: July 29, 2020, 08:40:42 PM »
Follow me as I post my daily no loss trading history here minimum of $10 per day.

Note: You can make $50, $100, $200 and more per day with this strategy, I only limit it to small amount of $10 or $20 bcoz of skeptics.

Need the strategy? Then click

File too large to attach (for this smf forum) check proof ==>

FREEBIES / Re: 2+ odds football prediction
« on: June 24, 2020, 01:33:09 PM »
Out of 7, we won 6 days and lost 1 therefore to continue enjoying these soccer tips click and call 08066443671

Is capital constraint your challenge? Are you a businessperson? do you want to venture into your dream business? This is your right time to get a loan from a certain body sitting in Lagos State within 3 days of requesting the loan.

The firm has different loan plans, which is very easy to get using anything such as Laptop, Gold, Inverter, Generator, car etc depending on the level of the amount you want to get as collateral and there is no hidden fee.

I am not the loan issuer; I will only show you where to get it. If you apply for it today, between two (2) and three (3) days you will be given the loan. It is as simple as ABC.

I know you are already doubting. Yes, it seems incredible but that is just the absolute truth. Anyway, I am not here for telling folktales. I doubted it too until I witnessed it with my two naked eyes.

In as much as you live in Lagos or have someone living in Lagos or can travel to Lagos or can call their phone number to reach them in Lagos.
In as much as you are a businessperson or you have someone doing business and you have one of the required identification like National I.D card or NEPA bill or house rent receipt etc. Do not be jittery on this, it is easy to get one of them.

If you meet up with one of the requirements listed above then you must have your loan in just three days.
I repeat, it is very easy to get loan from this firm within three days.
They give loan between N50,000 to N5,000,000. And you will pay back in 6 months or one year depending on the amount.

This body gives loan everyday. They have international branches in other countries. They currently have only Lagos branch in Nigeria.

I will send this information to you for N5000

After payment send ĎANY COLLATERALí, your teller number, your email address & your name to 08066443671

FREEBIES / Re: 2+ odds football prediction
« on: June 08, 2020, 11:57:10 AM »
6/7 winnings to continue enjoying these soccer tips click and call 08066443671

FREEBIES / Re: 2+ odds football prediction
« on: June 08, 2020, 11:54:31 AM »

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