How to create WhatsApp with USA number in Nigeria


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Author Topic: How to create WhatsApp with USA number in Nigeria  (Read 446 times)


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How to create WhatsApp with USA number in Nigeria
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2019, 04:37:42 PM »

There are several ways to reach this goal. We will provide all of them and it’s up to you to choose which you like best of all or which of them is the most effective for you. Check out all of them and then make your final choice.

1. Primo App

• Download the Primo App to your computer, open it and install. The application will lead you through the registration process and everything you will need to do is provide the real phone number that you currently have and submit the registration

• Verify the number in the application. When the process will be complete, you will see the US phone number provided in the bottom part of the panel. Copy this number and save somewhere

• This done, run WhatsApp and set the country code as +1. Then, enter the copied number and click Continue

• You will need to wait for a little while and then there will appear a Call Me option provided by WhatsApp. When you see it, click on it. Now, you will receive a call from WhatsApp that will come through the Primo application

• This is required for further verification, so you will need to enter the verification code you receive from them

• After you enter the verification code, you will only need to enter your name and DP

2. TextPlus

• Download the TextPlus application on your computer and install it

• Create a new signup account by providing the program with all the necessary data like your name, birthday, email and password

• When signed in to your newly-created account, you will see a button that advises to tap it in order to get the TextPlus number

• The program will ask you to select a city and code for your new number. Choose whatever you like

• After all these procedures, you will see the WhatsApp number on the screen

• Copy this number carefully and create a new WhatsApp account using this number. The application will send you a confirmation message, which you will receive through TextPlus

These are not all the available ways to receive a working WhatsApp with a USA number. However, these two methods are 100% functional and simple enough to perform without any special tools. So, enjoy your new WhatsApp with a true USA number right from Nigeria.