Top Best 20 Business Ideas To Start With N100K Or Even Less


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Author Topic: Top Best 20 Business Ideas To Start With N100K Or Even Less  (Read 533 times)


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Top Best 20 Business Ideas To Start With N100K Or Even Less
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2019, 03:47:11 PM »

1. Shirt Production

There are a lot of tailors in your environs or even in Lagos Island. You can learn the skill to avoid much risks. In Lagos Island, Taiwo Street is where you should visit. The Material are ranging from N700 Ė N1000 per yard, sew for N1500 / N2000, Now sell it for N5000 to N7000
2. Aba Market

You can schedule a trip to Aba Market, You can get cost of boxers production for low as N300. Now you are to package it in 3s and market these properly and you can still place an advert on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, then sell the 3s pack boxers for low as N1500 Ė N2500.

3. Bedsheet/Beddings Production

Go to Lagos Island or Oshodi where they sell bulk material, Pickout the best designs and meet those who will sew it for you within same market. You can establish this business with less than N100k and grow your profit gradually.

4. POP Corn

You can start up a POP Corn joint as you know we love to buy this all time. All you need is a branded Nylon, Sugar, Salt, Butter and Bag of Corns.

The beauty is when it properly made with attractive aroma, Manual sealing machine is sold at N7000 to N9000 while the POPcorn Machine on jumia is sold at N65,000. You can see the capital is still less than 100K
5. Fairly Used Clothes

Buy and sell fairly used cloths such as T-shirt, Shoes or even Jeans and Tops. You can buy such in Lagos Badagry or even Cotonou with N100K you can select and mix them as you canít get a bale. Wash them and package neatly. Now you are good to go.
6. E-Payment and POS Business

You can get a POS and activate online banking, You can handle E-payment for people who are lazy visiting the Bank. Many POS business personels are paid N200 to withdraw just N10,000, You can start up with this.
7. Mobile and Electronic Accessories

Buy and sell Electronic Accessories such as Chargers, USB cable, HMDI cables, earphones and headphones. You can source from Alibaba, AliExpress, Deal Extreme and Many more. The more accessories you buy from this source the lower the price. The shipping of such will be lite. Now You can sell it on Jumia or Instagram etc.
8. Snail Farming

In Nigeria, snail farming is more popular due to its relatively cheap cost of startup and if you market your products well, your business will thrive. This is a business you can start from your backyard, they millions of eggs but patience is required as it can take almost a year to mature. You can see Guideline if you are interested in this.
9. Home Cooking and Delivery

This another opportunities for our ladies and house wives, a guy who love to cook can also venture in this as well. You can cook a variety of meals well, and apply customer services. People will pay good money for your services. You donít even need a store to start. You can run it from your home.

Make sure your dish is well prepared because first impression counts. Marketing your services on twitter, Facebook and Instagram will get you a lot of clients who will patronize you.
10. Cleaning Services

You can engage in cleaning services, As Many busy workers finds it difficult in cleaning their Apartment. The more apartments you clean during the weekend, the more money you make.
11. Digital Marketing

The ability to reach out more customers is a success of a business, You can also venture in other digital online marketing. All you need is just to Get used Laptops and smartphones; Temporary use your phone as a Hostpot.
12. Internet Services

You can start rendering internet services in other to earn yourself an income. For example, You can start up Jamb applications and registration Online. You need to buy a Laptop, Printer and a good ISP. Many pay as much as N1000 per application
13. Bead Making

This are mostly for ladies but Guys can as well make beads and sell. All you need is training, passion, creativity, unique designs and styles, then adequate marketing. You absolutely donít need 100k to start this.
14. Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning

This another business you can start up with 100k. You have to learn how to bead and then unlock your creativity minds as well.
15. Graphics Designing

You can get a good laptop and learn about graphic designing. Then you can start creating Artworks, Logos, Cartoons and Many more. All you need is to be creative and Advertise your work on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are good to go.
16. Cakes and Confectionery

This is one of the business that comes in play whenever there is celebration like Wedding, Birthday and Parties. At this point a baker is always consulted. You can acquire this skill and occupy this area.
17. Zobo, Smoothies, cocktail, small chops, cupcakes and chinchin Production

You can render these services with 100k startup capital + proper marketing, branding and packaging. Before you know it. You start making your profits. But patient and consistency is the key.
18. Tutorial Classes

This is another part-time or full time paying job and your age does not matter as well before you venture into this business.

You can start up a Private Lesson classess as Many families are willing to spend what it takes for their childrenís success and thereís one subject youíre well versed at
19. Home Service Barber

This is another profitable small scale business. The beautiful thing about this is you bring your services to your clients for an extra token above regular. The starting capital to get the equipment and Iím sure you know we have rechargeable clippers.
20. Adire

This is most common in Abeokuta Nigeria where you can get one adire for N2000 and sell for N5000. What a lucrative business. This Adire is used for sowing and beffiting dresses, stylish dresses and etc. You can even act as a mini supplier to tailors and other people who wish to resell them.