How To Card Items From WWE SHOP With Free Credit Card


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Author Topic: How To Card Items From WWE SHOP With Free Credit Card  (Read 8920 times)


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How To Card Items From WWE SHOP With Free Credit Card
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2019, 01:05:46 PM »

You can card some wwe itmes from their online shop in just these easy ways... this post is actually meant for VIP Members but am giving it out for free today.

we have been sharing some WWE accounts here for some time now... most of you might think it just to use it and stream some WWE matches online but there is more to it. Most of those account contains live credit card you can use. although you can actually see the full digit of the card number but you can buy stuff with it. Follow the below steps.

Look for some WWE accounts, We have some posted here so search for it :cool:


make sure you use vpn before opening it...

Now from those WWE accounts logs you have, keep testing for a valid account because not all of them will work. the logs originally works on on but i figure that most of those people will still visit the WWE online shop and purchase somethings and in the process use the same password and email they used in the WWE main website.

if you get any successfull account, go to payment method in the account dashboard and you will see his saved card there.

Now the carding method...

go to their online shop and select any stuff you like...just like normal online shopping. Add to cart>>Checkout.

Use Your Drop details as shipping...when its time for billing you will see an option to use saved card.

Click on Checkout and that's all...cross your finger and wait for your order to be processed.