How my students Are pulling it with Bitcoin&Tricks


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Author Topic: How my students Are pulling it with Bitcoin&Tricks  (Read 283 times)


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How my students Are pulling it with Bitcoin&Tricks
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2019, 03:30:26 PM »

If you are among my fans here and still earning that peanut salaries you better wake up and make real money online

We've been trying, testing  to find an effective way so that anyone under the sun can  make profit from small amounts of cryptocurrencies even without a single investment.

I believe there are many people who want to key into the power of cryptocurrency but simply can't afford it. To that end, we began digging.
Watched lot of videos, read numerous posts and web pages and ended up bogged down in useless information. There was a lot of do this or that and you will find it easy to get into. Obviously, most of it was just talk, or worse someone trying to make a quick buck off of someone else.
Then we stumbled onto a video on YouTube. It was a way of using COINPOT and FAUCET to begin building enough to truly work with, without it taking years. The idea was solid, but we tweaked it a little so it could easily work for anyone. Do you know the greatest advantages of this method?
The greatest advantages is that apart from the benefit of earning with this now (whereby if you want to withdraw, you can), you will also earn massively when all these coins increase greatly in price. For example, DASHCOIN is just $1 in one time, but within the shortest time period which even surprised many itís now $64 at the time of writing.

STEP1.  You will need a CoinPot Account, so create one here >>

STEP2.  Actually, we use the faucets connected to Coinpot. I have found 7 so far which are legit and has been around for some time now. 3 for bitcoin, 1 for litecoin, 1 for dash, 1 for btc-cash and 1 for doge. I advice you to register with all seven below:


Make sure you use the same email for all of them; this is VERY important.

STEP3.  Tricks and Tips:
The trick is, use the second one (BONUSBITCOIN) every 15 minutes. Now, under the claim button there is a link that says "change your claim settings". Check the box that says "always receive the average claim amount". If you do this, you won't get the 5000 but you will also get more than 45.
As for the other 4, those build over time. But the longer you wait the slower it adds up. So I recommend you check those every 30 minutes.
However, the MOON FAUCETS you can claim every 5 minutes and BIT FUN you can claim every 3.
Iíve work so hard in being very selective in picking the best Faucet sites for you. For instance, the MOONDOGE sometime gives as high as 0.7dogecoin per claim, while all the MOON FAUCETS up allow your coins to add up. Tell me, can you beat that?

STEP 5. Now Hereís The Big Revelation Of All which took us long to discover in other to show it to people:
Why not make more of it instead of just collecting it?

EObot >>

This is the power of Faucetmoney, and great it can make you:
All what you got to do is when Faucet claim is sending coins to your Coinpot, you will be sending it over to EObot and Exchanging it for MiningPower. This EObot is so powerful to the extent that I recommend if you have any amount at hand now, you can even purchase coins & put them in EObot and watch as the magic occur. Mind you I trusted EObot so much to the extent that I can be so confident to put 5btc inside and relax without any panic whatsoever lol, a real company with real address located in USA which is trusted by over 2million people around the world still counting .
So donít just let your coins sit , make more of it by putting them inside EObot ; )