How To Track Your Phone Without Paying Police


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Author Topic: How To Track Your Phone Without Paying Police  (Read 1663 times)


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Re: How To Track Your Phone Without Paying Police
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2021, 04:10:48 PM »

Thanks for the helpful advice, but I hope it won't be useful to me. By the way, I learned a lot of new life hacks on this site. On laptops, telephones and other equipment.


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How To Track Your Phone Without Paying Police
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2020, 09:01:16 PM »

According to Consumer Report Organization, a nonprofit organization, working side by side with consumers. In 2015, 2.1 million phones were stolen in the US and another 3.1 million were lost. Fast forward, by now the numbers might be much higher than that. In Africa, I bet the number is quite high also, for losing a phone is easy, if you are not careful.

How do you trace your Android phone?

Using IMEI Number

First you have to know the IMEI number of your Android phone. Fastest way is to dial *#06# this command will make the unique
ID appear. Another way is to navigate through ‘settings’ and tap ‘About Phone’ to check the IMEI code of your Android.

Now, you can download an IMEI tracking app at the Google play store with another phone and install. Most of these apps, you just
enter your IMEI number and it can find your device. One of the best ones for Android and iPhone is IMEI Tacker.

Using your Gmail Account

Only if your lost phone is connected to the internet. You can track your device by using Google. Go to Google then Login with your account, same account as the one used in your lost phone. After logging in, go to search and type Find my Phone. It will locate your phone by GPS .

You’ll will also see an option of formatting all your data remotely, you can format all data so that no one can miss use it.

Call your service provider

You may also call your service provider. Where they will ask for your sim card registration details, and ask for your IMEI Number. They will track the phone’s exact location and will also know the sim number being used in the phone currently.