I've never work more than 3hrs in last 11yrs


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Author Topic: I've never work more than 3hrs in last 11yrs  (Read 326 times)


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I've never work more than 3hrs in last 11yrs
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2020, 11:23:35 PM »

If you are among my fans here and still earning that peanut salaries you better wake up and make real money online

Oh, oh my work, my business! At the end of the day, it's
only 80k profit you can write home about every month, some
even less.
Since the past 7yrs now you've been thinking about raising
that 2m naira. My friend wake up! Infact your family or
government didnít help you either.
Today is Friday and do you know the most popular shitty norm
phrases "Thank God is Friday"
And I will tell you why many fall in love with that phrase.  Many
are not even aware of it because it happens in the subconscious
level. While some that are aware of the phrase doesn't know what
to do. And this is it:
#. Generally, humans are a social being. They don't like to be
conferred to one place, simply put we want and like our freedom. So
here's now the interesting part; unconsciously when it's Friday, the
brain passes a message and secretes some certain hormone substances
to the body signaling that you can now have that freedom it's been
longing for since the beginning of the week while you are tied down
to a job. During those two days(Saturday & Sunday) you will feel
relaxed and calm. But do you know what happened
next? Psychologically, when it's Monday many felt that
emptiness again, wishing for the days that freedom will return. This
is how many people live their life till the grave start knocking.
Some research that was carried out in the year 2017 in
university of Harvard found out that many classified
their Job as being held to a cage. But the question is
why can't you have that freedom forever?
Is that work of yours not giving you that space? Or that business
not producing enough time?
Since the past 11yrs now, Iíve never work past 3hrs in a
day.  All my business is just there running on their own.
Many people are consumed with their jobs. Thinking
about money here and money there! But my honest
question is do I have to be working for money all my life. Let 
me quickly show you the secret to build wealth fast.
LISTEN, to build wealth fast, these are the four ways
to build it:
(1) Real estate -That is anything land, buildings while you
give out as a rent, building an estate, etc
(2) Paper investment- that's is, you let your money work
for you through investment. I don't need to stress more on this
(3) Automated businesses -This business runs on a system which are
established like the Telecommutation  companies: Eg creating company
like glo, Mtn. There's even a popular
saying across the country now by these Telecommutation companies that
'Data is life' It's a lie. A lie sell to your face. Data is not life except if it's
bringing you that 40x earnings you put to it. You don't have enough
money, still burning it to buy data also it's not making you any amount.
(4) Intellectual properties -Eg being a motivational speaker. ie you
speak for a living. Require connections. To build up, first you will
need to get big following of loving fans.
But all these requires a lot of capital to start. What about if there's
another route. A more simplier passage. A route to start your business
up and running in the
next few minutes from now with the eCash Secret and build it
to 250k weekly without thinking about huge capital to start or
where to begin.

Once you join, this is what you will quickly gain access to:
(1) Immediately, you will have access to our private Facebook group
where you will see my other "Simple Facebook eMoney" students
and have the opportunity to interact with others.
(2) And immediately you join, I will help you set up the system
(3) You are sure of making 4k your next day, more than 8k in 3days, 100k in
2weeks of starting. It's very achievable because many crosses this
marks at that period. So even you get the amount you invest into
it back in 3days. ie if you start today this Friday, then by Monday you've
gotten everything you put to it back.
(4) Everything is fun, lovely and transparent. And I will explain. This
is it: My target for every students is 250k weekly. The first time any
student reaches or crosses this mark I sent them an awesome cap
through a carrier. So here, everyone is motivated to earn even more in
their very first month.
So are you ready to join and let me help you make this money, it's
just N7,500 to gain access into one of the best course which you can't
find anywhere and you get back the investment in 3days of setup. You
can call me below or make your payment to the following banking
details nationwide:
Olanrewaju Oloyede
Do you still have any questions about the Simple Facebook eMoney' then
let's talk about it, Call 09068745977
Let's get to work.
Your life will change immediately.

Very simple and short: You are paying simply because it's a
value. And nothing of value is free. Even the Bible said "go to
the people that sell and buy". You want fish then you will have
to buy it; You want house then you will have to buy it; you
want knowledge then you will have to buy it; SIMPLE LIFE LOGIC. So
my friend, you have to buy.  But the goodnews here is that the price of the eCash Secret is
dirty cheap and you will get your investment back in only 3days max of the
set up. Even if you borrow it, you will get everything all back in 3days
Lol, I laugh in Spanish. No! I'm not after your money. Are you aware
that 76% of the sales of all my courses goes straight to charity. I'm
giving back to the society and that's what I expect you to do when
you become successful. I've seen success in many businesses already.
Unlike all those hungry self acclaimed gurus out there who only cares about your
money. So you see I'm not selling anything, but only passing
information. Because my friend,
'Information is very powerful'
I want raving fans and I want to establish my authority in thi

Like I said earlier, it's a way of me giving back to the society.  And
It's my passion to show people what's working. So simple, it's what I'm
passionate about. Seeing lots of people reaching their various goals every
day because of what I shares gives me that joy and fulfilment. And also
after making it with the Simple Facebook eMoney you will have enough
money to buy my other courses. The level of height you attain in
life depends solely on your knowledge, and not just any
knowledge but solid ones!
Make payment into the following details below and message or call
me after you are done. And you will gain instant access right away
Olanrewaju Oloyede
Never! You will never regret it but smiling every day for making
the decision. In fact, I will help you set up the whole system on
your behalf