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Author Topic: From near death experience to 500k every week!  (Read 49 times)


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From near death experience to 500k every week!
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2021, 09:31:00 AM »

If you are among my fans here and still earning that peanut
salaries, you better wake up and make real money online

Have you reached that rock bottom in your life?
Are you in a place where it seems like everything has gone?
No matter what you've passed through in life, your experience
may not be as bad as that of Victor.

Before finding success with the Simple Facebook eMoney…

…he also had a story, and here’s it...
Before I met Victor last 3months, he used to be a happy man
with two lovely kids and a beautiful caring wife.
But as they used to say, life circumstances can turn a white bright 
eye into blue black in moments, but the major prayer many pray 
for is to not partake in it.
So Victor was also hit with such life circumstances which turned
his entire 'once a happy life' upside down. The unfortunate happened 
this faithful day while coming back from his normal work, where he
was ran across to by a truck trailer. Not only did his car got damaged
in the process, but unfortunately his colleague he gave a ride home
died instantly. While he didn't die, the incident left many parts of his
body severely injured.
And that's where the burden of his life began. He was in coma for
more than 2months. Many of his properties was sold for his
treatment in order to survive.
To cut everything short, after waking up from coma, most of his body
parts was damaged to the extent of not able to walk which later resulted
in using wheelchair. This affected his responsibility as a man as he
could not stand to his feet anymore, could not move his left hand
anymore. He lost his job, embarrassment came from different angles.
They sold more of their properties to feed. A man in his early 40s
with a three bedroom roof over his head now lives in a rentage apartment.
The rest of the family members left. But thank God for a good wife and
mother, they are the only supporting hands for him (of course that's life
irony, 'most people vanishes when you are in hardship'). Faced many
disappointment from colleagues & friends he puts his trust on. Attempted
suicide once.
All these is what happened to a single man. The worst that could happen
to a man!
It got to a point where he was fed up with the whole situation. He was
tired of his wife feeding him, got tired of his financial situation, got tired
of people having pity on his circumstances.
He ponder on what to do as he couldn't walk again. So In the process of
looking for a solution, he tried different businesses including attending
many online courses but nothing works instead he found himself 800k in
This made things even worse for him. As he went through deep depression.
He was fed up of everything. Different questions start popping in his mind.
" Is this how I'm going to end my life? When will I ever wake up from this
bad dream? Why can't I just die also in the accident? "
This was what was going on in Victor's life until he saw the advertisement
of my course and he enrolled. See what it has brought into his life =>

Yes, that’s 500k +
And that's every single week.
What's the moral of Victor's story? All I want you to know is that things
change. Yes! Situation changes. So no matter what you are passing
through right this moment, things can still change for the better.
And this includes your financial situation as well. So if financial
breakthroughs is among your top list in life then I’m glad to tell that it’s
not far fetch anymore.

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Your life will never remain the same again!
~ Olanrewaju